Good news! Warmly celebrate our company successfully passed the ISO14001 system certification

2022-05-16 16:23:00 浙江德汇电子陶瓷有限公司 Viewd 827

On April 22, 2022, Zhejiang TC Ceramic Electronics Co., Ltd. officially passed the ISO14001 environmental management system certification and obtained the certificate. This marks that TC has achieved international connection in environmental protection management, and comprehensive soft power has entered a new track.


In November 2021, in order to standardize environmental management and further enhance the company's comprehensive competitiveness, the company officially signed a contract with a third-party counseling agency to officially launch the third-party certification of ISO14001 environmental management system. The company leaders attached great importance to this system audit work. During the audit process, the general manager Xu of the company personally participated in the audit work many times.



On April 18, 2022, after full preparation in the early stage and with the audit conditions, the audit teacher went to the company to conduct an on-site audit. With the active cooperation of various departments, all the two stages were successfully completed in the final audit process on April 21. Review and problem rectification acceptance work.



In the future environmental management work, the company will continue to improve and improve continuously in accordance with the requirements of the ISO14001 standard to ensure the suitability, adequacy and effectiveness of the environmental management system, provide a solid foundation for the company's high-quality development, and provide quality assurance. , Environmental and occupational health and safety system management requirements are advanced in depth. With more scientific management, the company will provide consumers with better products in order to achieve a new leap in company management.