Thick Film AlNPCB

In order to combine the insulating and thermal conductivity of electronic ceramics with the conductive properties of metals, we developed thick-film printed AlN ceramic circuit boards through high-precision solder printing and vacuum sintering. This process can be formed at one time according to the customer's graphics, and has the characteristics of dense through holes and high bonding force. Mainly used in high-power LEDs, 5G communications, semiconductor lasers and miniature semiconductor refrigeration chips.


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Additional Information

  • ●  A variety of ceramic thicknesses are available.

    ●  Excellent electrical and physical properties

    ●  The thermal conductivity is ≥170W/m*K (about 200 times that of the aluminum-based copper substrate)

    ●  Bending strength ≥450MPa, good electrical performance in various environments

    ●  Advanced processing technology, one-time forming, dense through holes

    ●  Can make three-dimensional ceramic bracket with metal dam

    ●  High reliability, high bonding force

    ●  Various surface treatments


  • ●  Miniature refrigeration chip

    ●  High power LED

    ●  UV LED

  • ●  IR LED

    ●  5G communication

    ●  Semiconductor Lasers

Technical Parameter

  • TCQ-WF-RD-03 Product Specifications
    TCQ-WF-RD-03 Product Specifications

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